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Best Sirius Eye Test in Delhi for Corneal Topography

 Sirius Eye Test For Corneal Topography What is Sirius Eye Test? Scheimpflug imaging and Placido disc topography are used to take detailed, 3D photographs of the front of your eye in the Sirius Eye Test. This test accurately measures cornea shape, curvature, and thickness. It helps doctors detect and treat keratoconus, corneal ectasia, and dry eye syndrome. By providing eye anatomy and health data, the Sirius Eye Test helps plan refractive operations like LASIK . How Sirius Eye Test Help? -> Provides precise information on the thickness (pachymetry), elevation, curvature, and power of both the front and back surfaces of the cornea. -> Diagnoses the entire front part of the eye in a single step. -> Captures high-quality images of the cornea up to 16 millimetres in diameter. -> Calculates all necessary measurements for the front part of the eye using up to 100 high-resolution sections. Users can choose how many sections to measure. Offers more precise centring and results for