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Know the best time for the first eye checkup in kids

When a child is born, it is important to ensure the overall health and well-being of the kid. Most parents assume that their kid has perfect vision and ignore the significance of regular eye check-ups. However, early eye check-up helps detect, prevent, and treat any vision problems that might affect later and hinder proper development. Why is the First Eye Check-up important? Early detection of vision problems:  first eye checkups help detect any vision problems at an early stage. Many issues is not identifiable without a comprehensive eye checkup like refractive errors or lazy eye (amblyopia). Making Sure Your Child Thrives in School and Beyond:  when children face problems seeing clearly, it can affect their performance in school and even how they grow up. Poor vision can affect their attention in class. This problem can be caught early, we can ensure the kid does his best in school. Fixing Eye Problems:  Children may experience trouble seeing due to refractive errors, like nearsight