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Eye Care in Severe Air Pollution in Delhi NCR

How to Take Care of Eyes in Severe Pollution in Delhi NCR Delhi NCR is a busy metropolitan area in India and is well-known for its soaring levels of pollution to the air. Because of the rise in industrialization, emissions from vehicles as well as construction activity, and burning of crop residues across Haryana and Punjab and Punjab, the quality of air is often lowered to dangerous levels. This plight poses an enormous threat to public health, especially eye health. In the article, we’ll look at the effect of heavy environmental pollution on eye health. Also, we will give practical advice for eye health care in Delhi NCR’s contaminated environment. This serious pollution could result in below-eye problems: Conjunctivitis   high pollution levels can result in different eye diseases including conjunctivitis, which is an eye condition that is common. Pollutants in the air can trigger swelling of the eye’s conjunctiva. It is the thin membrane that covers the white portion of the eye as w