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Eye Floaters Treatment in Delhi

What Are Eye Floaters? Floaters  are like tiny specks or threads that float around in your vision, especially when you’re looking at something bright, like a clear sky or a white wall. These little things are actually shadows made by proteins in our jelly like structure floating inside your eyes. Eye floaters become more common as we age. They don’t normally go away, but they don’t usually need treatment. Over time, your brain adapts, and you don’t notice them as much. At what age eye floaters usually appear? For the majority of people, eye floaters begin to appear between the ages 50–70. But, you might observe a few floaters at earlier or later. Also, if you have high minus glasses or high myopia. If you’re under 50 and notice constant floaters, talk to your eye care professional. It could be an indication of an eye disease that is more serious. What are the symptoms of Eye Floaters? Symptoms that can be related to this eye problems are: Black or grey dots Blobs Wiggly lines, strands,